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Decorative Plant Stands

I enjoy looking at plant stands whether handmade or manufactured. You can make a plant stand or vase from a number of items in your garage or yard but if you dont have the time, here's a few I've picked out. Which is your favorite?

Floor Lamps

Sleek and stylish are most designs in floor lamps. Whether in the livingroom or bedroom, switched on or off their elegance is noticable.
I've selected a few that I think stood out. Which do you prefer?

Mirror Mirror...

Some mirrors are not just for looking at your beautiful face. They play a major part in your livingroom, bedroom or bathroom decor. Mirrors in various shapes, sizes and designs helps to accentuate your wall.

Accent Chairs

You can sit in style in a beautifully designed accent chair, or two, while having great conversations.
Whether you are sipping coffee or having a glass of wine these chairs are perfect additions to your livingroom decor especially when you have company.

If Walls Could Talk

Walls do talk when it comes to what's hanging on them. Whether it's Abstract art, nature, animals or creative accent shelves they are somewhat speaking.
What is yours saying?

Bathroom Accessories

How about some accessories to add a fresh look to your bathroom decor. I've picked out a few that I personally love and hope you do as well.